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Home of Queer, Brown Joy

We are an appointment-only shop located in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri.  

We believe in tattooing as therapeutic, meaningful and healing. We’re looking forward to hearing your story and bringing your designs to life in our safe, comfortable and beautiful space.

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Before Tintoretta was even a twinkle in Ani’s eyes, Box Turtle Tattoo Shop came into existence in 2016 when Ani began tattooing alone on the 4th floor of the Hobbs building in the West Bottoms Historic District.  

Although at this time, the area was largely uninhabited, Ani felt a need and desire to create a safe, ethical, and accepting tattoo studio in Kansas City.

Years later, both the shop and the area have changed dramatically.  

In 2019, Tintoretta moved down to a move prominent spot in the Hobbs building where it is currently located on the second floor.  


Tintoretta values learning, community, and acceptance of all. 

We strive for a space where artists and clients are free and safe to be themselves. Artists are encouraged to put mental health first and continue learning to better their artistry for themselves and for their clients.



1427 W 9th St #204, Kansas City, MO 64101

We have a beautiful appointment-only studio full of plants, zines, and colorful artwork.  

It is a private space which is made comfortable for women and queer people.  

Photography - Hally Hogg


Our studio works hard to be accessible to all bodies, all people from all walks of life.

Hannah’s work station

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