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Owner & Senior Tattoo Artist

Cat Wong is a Chinese-American artist who grew up in North Kansas City, Missouri. She fell in love with art in Kindergarten and never stopped being an art kid throughout her education. She got her associates in arts and decided to pursue tattooing soon after. She found an apprenticeship in downtown Kansas City in 2018 and hasn't stopped tattooing since May 2019. 

Five years in and Cat’s authentic voice is coming out strong in her tattoo work. Her eagerness to express herself as much as she can in this fleeting and unpredictable life shows through in trippy illustrative bursts of colors and patterns that often brighten up darker or deeper subject matter. She continues to have fun with art & finds inspiration in almost everything. She hopes to continue tattooing for a long time, along with experimenting with furniture, ceramics, clothes and any other art medium there is to play with.

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