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Senior Tattoo Artist

Art has always been an important outlet for Hannah Arslanian. It began with learning how to draw after falling in love with the imagery in the Final Fantasy games her older brother was constantly playing. This budding inspiration from video games helped build the base of Hannah’s artistic foundation, and she has since become proficient in many different art forms - ranging from hyper-realistic portraits and stipple illustrations to resin pours and insect art. Her creations were showcased a few times at the Dogwood Artist Workspace & Gallery when she lived in Columbia, MO and after moving to Kansas City, she was able to secure a vendor spot at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo in 2018, where she realized her artwork could become a feasible income.

There is a special spot in Hannah’s heart for tattoos. Everything about them is important – the way they look, the ability to allow individuals to express themselves, the idea of showing art on one’s body, all of it has become a sort of therapy for her. She never really knew how she would be able to break into the tattooing industry with her shy and quiet demeanor, but finally got the chance when Tintoretta Tattoo took her in as an apprentice in 2018. The shop is still her home after she became fully licensed in December 2021.

Although her tattoo work has taken over most of her waking life, Hannah still finds time to relax with video games and the occasional Netflix binge. Her nurturing personality is hard to miss when she talks about her two cats or a recent experience of rearing sphynx moths, which makes her a perfect fit as an artist in Tintoretta’s warm and welcoming environment. Her ability to create intricate tattoos with fine lines and whip & stipple shading has led to many happy and repeat customers.

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