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Tattoo Apprentice


Art in all its forms is what keeps Sabrina alive and breathing. She has found solace in many forms of creation: writing stories, writing music, video editing, sewing, painting, cooking, and above all, drawing. 


Sabrina's interest in tattoos first began with their Dad--a former prison tattoo artist. Sabrina and their dad spent time in her high school days watching shows like Best Ink and Ink Master together, which only further piqued her interest in not only getting tattoos but giving them as well. 


After high school, Sabrina tried a career in film and television writing in Chicago and eventually for a short time in L.A. The pandemic ended their film stint and their time in SoCal. She found herself back in Chicago and started a relationship with longtime friend Kane Gilland, who was beginning his career in tattooing. Watching Kane learn was the spark needed to reignite their passion for tattooing.


Sabrina finds most creative inspiration from folk art from their Polish and Mexican cultural backgrounds, as well as the art they've seen living in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Additionally, the wonderful creativity of their friends, the cartoons they grew up on, artists like Keith Haring, and art styles like art deco keep them inspired. Working at Tintoretta is a dream come true, and Sabrina aims to bring everything they've learned as a multimedia artist to the table.

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