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Owner & Senior Artist


Ana Maldonado aka Ani Mal is determined to take up space and influence growth and cultural development in Kansas City. After years of feeling pushed out of society’s acceptance as a queer person of color resisting mainstream standards, they finally found solace in the tattooing counterculture. Their apprenticeship opened their eyes to the community they always wanted – one full of bleeding hearts and passionate freaks. Upon completion of their apprenticeship,  Ani knew they needed to open their own shop to create a safe space for women and queer artists to thrive and grow in their craft. They found that space in West Bottoms and started to build the foundation of Tintoretta Tattoo. The art form of tattooing is important to Ani because of its ability to create beauty from pain, vulnerability through hardness, and connection in a community. They also realize it can easily create a culture of capitalism and toxic masculinity, and because of this they make sure to put their beliefs and values at the forefront of their business. They have always been passionate about drawing and are grateful to have found their calling as a tattoo artist. Their freehand-style animal tattoos are their specialty, but they're always ready to listen to their clients’ needs and deliver something they will truly cherish.

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