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  • What is your shop minimum?
    Our shop minimum is $200 for custom designs.
  • How do deposits work?
    If you decide to book after your consultation, we require a $100-$150 deposit depending on the artist. The booking deposit goes towards your drawing design fee and reserving your tattoo session, but in the event of a no call/no show or cancellation from the client, this deposit is non-refundable and will go towards paying the artist for the work they did on the design. However, we understand life happens and will work with you so please communicate as much and as soon as you can.
  • This is my first tattoo! What is the process like?
    The first step is determining what design you want. Book with the artist you'd like when their books are open. Depending on how much information we gather and if we need to learn more, you'll come in for a 30 minute consultation. If you want to work together after our chat, we'll put you down for a tattoo session appointment with a deposit. Your deposit will reserve time on our calendars and cover the drawing design fee your artist put toward your design. On the day of your appointment, arrive hydrated, fed, and not hung over. We will stencil or free-hand the design and work with you until it's the design you envisioned. Once we're all in agreement and you feel good, we'll ink up our needle and do our thing. Voila! Depending on the size, color and complexity of the tattoo, you may need to come in for multiple sessions. See below for best aftercare practices!
  • What's the best way to prepare for my tattoo session?
    We recommend you show up to your tattoo session hydrated, fed and not hung over.
  • Do you recommend any numbing cream?
    We do not recommend numbing cream.
  • What are best practices in taking care of my tattoo after my session?
    If you have a Dermshield/Saniderm bandage, leave it on for 24-48 hours before removing. It may fill with ink and plasma; do not worry, this is normal. If you have plastic wrap, keep the tattoo wrapped for at least an hour. Wash your hands before removing the bandage and then clean the tattoo with scent- and dye-free antibacterial soap. Let the tattoo air dry or pat dry with a clean paper towel (do not use a bath towel) and repeat this process every morning and night for the first several days. If you work in environments that might cause your tattoo to get dirt or grime in it, we recommend loose clean clothing. If the tattoo is in a more exposed area, wash your tattoo more frequently. Dryness will begin after a few days and you will feel your skin start to pull. During this time, you may choose moisturize your tattoo. Moisturizing is completely optional; dry-healing is another popular way to heal tattoos. If you choose to moisturize your tattoo, first clean your tattoo and then use only a very thin layer of scent- and dye-free lotion. Please refrain from using A&D or Aquaphor due to it being a thick ointment and making it difficult for your skin to breathe. Your tattoo needs to shed skin in order to heal, so let it dry up between moisturizing or you risk trapping bacteria and slowing the healing process. Do not apply lotion and re-wrap your tattoo as this traps bacteria and could cause infection. We recommend clean clothing and clean bedding after getting a tattoo. If you have pets that sleep in the same bed as you, you may need to clean the bedding often while your tattoo is healing. The dander from your pets can cause irritation and or an infection. Do not let your pets lick or scratch your tattoo. If they do, clean your tattoo immediately. After receiving your tattoo, refrain from extreme physical activities that could cause issues with healing such as rock climbing, skateboarding/rollerblading, swimming etc. Try to keep your tattoo out of sunlight while it is healing. Refrain from scratching your tattoo while it is healing or picking at scabs while your tattoo is healing, as this can cause ink to fall out. If you have persistent redness or have any concerns during the healing process, please reach out to your artist. If you also experience swelling, burning and/or chills and fever, reach out to your artist and seek medical care. -itching is normal -do not submerge it in water for at least two weeks (pool, bathtub, lake, etc.) as this is a sure way to cause infection -
  • How do touch ups work?
    If you're concerned with the healing of your tattoo, please reach out to your artist and attach a photo of the tattoo. Ink can fall out for a variety of reasons (please see aftercare section of FAQ). If your tattoo looks patchy or faded in certain areas, it probably needs a touch-up. Touch-ups are always free.
  • Do you offer flash?
    Yes, on an artist by artist basis. Feel free to check our instagram or individual artists instagrams to find flash. In the future, we're planning once a month flash events so check out our social media for updates on upcoming events.
  • What are your COVID practices?
    All our artists are vaccinated and boosted. We offer masks to wear during our consultations and sessions. We clean and sterilize heavy traffic areas. We ask our patrons to reschedule if they're not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of COVID. We stay home if we're feeling sick. Check out our Shop Safety Measures PDF for more detailed information-
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